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Level 4 Diploma in Christian
Counselling TM4D/I

The 'Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body'

(CPCAB) have validated our newly revised and updated Manna

House Counselling Service 'Diploma in Christian Counselling'. 

This comprehensive course meets all the latest stringent

requirements and expectations of the professional counselling community.  Please note this new course is our own bespoke/Tailor-Made Christian course based around the Christian' 5 Circle Theory' practiced here at the Manna House and not a generic CPCAB Level 4 Diploma.


We are open to receive expressions of

interest for our next course,

please email  

Further information:


  • The fees for the course are £2,350 per year making a total cost of £4,700 over two years.  CPCAB yearly registration fee is included along with course notes.

  • Fees can be paid in monthly instalments.

  • Students will need to successfully complete Year 1 before progressing to Year 2. 

  • Students must attend a minimum of 85% of the course in order to pass.

  • The Total Guided Learning Hours (GLH) for the whole course are 420 hours over two years. 

  • In addition to the GLH students are expected to fulfil a range of criteria and undertake personal study.  This means the average Total Qualifying Time (TQT) is over 1,222 hours. 

  • Students will need to register themselves with ACC, BACP or other similar governing body from the beginning of the course.

  • The course will be worth 122 educational credits.


Acceptance on to the course is dependent upon satisfactory references, prior learning at recognised Level 3 plus a successful interview.  Individual interviews are scheduled during June and July.  Early application is advised.  


Who is this course for?           


This course is for students who have completed a nationally recognised Level 3 counselling course  and want to develop their knowledge and skills. 


When does the course run?            


The course is run over 2 years on a Tuesday evening (6.15pm – 10.15pm) and one Saturday a month (9am – 5pm with 1 hour lunch break) during school term time. We follow Northamptonshire school term times.


What does the course cover?        


We teach an Integrated approach to counselling.  This fits in well with the '5 Circle Theory' (the Christian model used at MHCS) which is itself an integrated model.  Therefore, pre-knowledge of the '5 Circle Theory' is strongly recommended, but not an essential requirement to start on this course for those willing to do extra prior learning.


The course covers the following elements: (Currently being updated)


Underlying these topics will be issues of personal awareness and development plus research into current growth areas in counselling.  For the research topic, each student will be required to present a minimum of 2 short presentations to the rest of the group over the duration of the course.

Students will be expected to give and receive constructive feedback - to build on and increase their self-awareness of a growing proficiency in therapeutic relationships.


There will also be opportunity to practise own counselling skills throughout the course, within class and triads. 


Counselling Placement


Each student must complete 100 hours of supervised

counselling to obtain their final Diploma.  Students

can apply to the Manna House to do their 100 hours

or organise an alternative placement elsewhere. 

Students will need to pay for their own supervision.

On completing the placement, should a student wish

to work as a volunteer counsellor for the Manna

House they will need to apply and undergo a formal

interview to join the team.  Please note, students

have up to 12 months from the end of academic studies in which to complete their 100 hours placement.


What qualifications does the course give me?           


On successful completion students gain a nationally recognised Diploma which enables them to counsel adults in many settings including NHS, GP practices, business organisations and counselling agencies, etc.  In addition, it provides entry into further study at a higher degree level.


What does the course involve?


The student must attend a minimum of 85% of the teaching part of the course. This means only being able to miss 63 hours of the course.


The ACC Code and Practice of Ethics underpins this course.  If you are not already a member of a recognised governing body such as ACC, BACP or similar, then you will need to have enrolled by the start date or as soon as possible.

Students must also provide evidence of having achieved all the Course Learning Criteria. This is achieved by completing a portfolio of evidence. There will be very little ‘set’ homework. It will be the responsibility of each student to write up their evidence for Learning Criteria as topics are covered. Tutors will guide students as to possible criteria to address in their monthly learning reviews.

Students are expected to have achieved all learning criteria by the end of June.


If you would like to register your interest or apply for our next intake please contact our Training Administrator at or by phone on 01604 633304 and leave your contact details.

NB: Our training room is on the first floor with stairs access only and therefore is not suitable for anyone with restricted mobility.  Manna House has no lift.

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